Easy and high-quality App Promotion

We advertise and recommend your game / app to the users quickly and effectively with the best price in the market.


With the best advertising technology, we are here to help your apps reach the most potential new users with an affordable cost.

- Your app is promoted on our incentive apps, which are approved by Google Play policy. Click to see the demo

- Advertising on our platform, your application can reach 100% real users directly without going through any 3rd party to make your application safer and more effective.

- Advertising on our platform does not affect your app and accounts such as admod, facebook, etc... since all users and devices are real. It's absolutely safe for your application.

- Users to download your app and try your app for 3 minutes or more, keep your app on their devices for at least 3 days or longer if they find your app is interesting.

- We protect advertising budgets and prevent install fraud from device farm, emulator; eliminate bad or fraudulent traffics, violative installation ...

- All installations that do not meet the requirements are not counted as conversions to protect advertising budgets.

- A Full refund for fraudulent traffics or unsatisfied service based on our refund policy at RocketsApp

- We guarantee that all installs, ratings and reviews are from the real users and fully valid. Absolutely safe for your application.

Our packages:

Package #1:

- Great option to promote your app from scratch, when you have no installs yet or is not known by many people.
- Great option for apps that need many installs, but hardly found via search section.

- This type of promotion will help to lead your app to the visible position in Google Play and open new opportunities for your app, such as keyword promotion and your app will have keywords (included in app title or description) which is associated with after that.

Package #2:

- This package is ideal to promote your app to improve the keyword rankings.
For example:
- When the users search for an app with keywords on Google Play, your app is located at 55th position. It is difficult for users to see your app. This package will improve your ranking to the top 1 - 10 and be visible to the users, therefore getting more installs

Package #3:

- Package #3 is ideal for applications with low ratings and poor reviews. This package will help to increase rating and provide positive reviews for your app.

- Getting positive ratings and reviews plays an important role for successful app marketing strategy. People tend to read at least one review before they install an app and won't even consider downloading an app with 3-stars or less. No matter whether it is Android app reviews or iOS app reviews, almost 90% of people installs apps depending on reviews and ratings. If you have high rating score, it will attract more users.