What is a CPA Mobile Campaign?

A CPA (Cost Per Action) is a strategic pricing model designed for users on mobile devices who are motivated to click on links in an ad in order to take some specific action. Every time users fill out a form, sign up for something or get quotes; the advertiser who owns the landing page or website receives a commission per action taken.

How the CPA Mobile Campaign Works

1. It has a simplified set-up

A CPA Mobile Campaign is not complicated to set up. With thorough research, this strategy can yield great results with high conversion rates and profits. In an effort to find a reputable CPA network that’s in line with the target audience; the marketer searches an aggregate site, like oDigger, using keywords, prices or other categories. The marketer looks for offers with ads or landing pages presenting clean, professional appearances that fit in with the marketer’s site. After selecting the offer, the marketer asks to join that network. SEO keywords, Facebook Ads or Google Adwords then drive traffic to the site.

2. It helps define your niche

A CPA mobile campaign revolves around motivating the consumers in your niche. The offer you’re presenting has to appeal to these consumers so that they will take the action that pays off for you. For example, If your niche is college students, then you want ads students can click on for career information or for advanced certification. Each click turns into commission-based cash for you, the marketer.

3.It relies on honesty

CPA networks only want honest operators on their sites. When a marketer asks to join a network, expect a a phone call directly from the network administrator. They want to ensure that you can drive good traffic to their sites. Illegitimate marketers are always looking for ways to avoid contact that confirms their identities. So, when they apply to the network, marketers need to be above board with all their information. If the marketer is new to CPA mobile marketing, it’s okay to admit it. As always, honesty is the best policy. In fact, it pays to be proactive. A smart marketer understands that they are not only joining a network, but they are also starting a new business relationship. After joining the network, marketers should be prepared to make a follow up phone call. It shows that you’re a serious and honest player in the CPA mobile marketing game.

Why the CPA Mobile Campaign Matters

1. It is a form of mobile marketing

Increasingly, consumers use their mobile devices to search for goods and services. These devices are efficient, always available and with GPS tools, consumers can locate what they want wherever they happen to be. CPA mobile marketing is also useful because it is inexpensive to produce in comparison to desktop or laptop content. Additionally, consumers can use their smartphones or iPads to give instant feedback on products and services.

2.It drives traffic to your website

A CPA mobile campaign functions best when it’s driving targeted traffic to a marketer’s site. SEO keywords, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram not only bring quick results but they can continue to produce effectively over the long term.

3.It’s easily shared

A good CPA mobile marketing strategy relies on the ability to be shared and liked with others. As this happens, favorable results grow exponentially.

source: topagency.com


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