What is a CPE Mobile Campaign?

A CPE or Cost Per Engagement Mobile Campaign allows app advertisers to designate which user actions the advertiser will pay for after an app install. The advertiser only pays the network publisher once the user fulfills a predetermined task. The advertiser may want users to take a poll, complete an online registration or play a game. If the user plays a game, the advertiser builds in certain actions that should occur at various stages of the game. With CPE mobile campaigns, advertisers end up retaining deeply involved, high-quality users. This reflects a successful CPE campaign and a profitable ROI for the advertiser.

How Does a CPE Mobile Campaign Work?

1. It gives advertisers leverage

In a CPE mobile campaign, advertisers want to know how committed users are to the app and the brand after they download an app. To find out, the advertiser comes up with various performance benchmarks. and tasks for users to complete. If the user fulfills the action, that advertiser will pay the network publisher a fee for each completed task. CPE mobile campaigns help advertisers maintain more active users who can be tracked and retained over the long-term.

2. It is based on high user engagement

After the user downloads the app, the advertiser wants to see if the user will take a certain predetermined action. That action could be participating in an online poll, writing an app review or playing a game with performance indicators at different stages of the game. The advertiser may want the user to fill out an online registration form. The important thing is that each task is trackable. Once the user completes the task, the advertiser has to pay a fee to the network publisher. Because some of the tasks are more involved than just clicking on content, the advertiser can see that the user is highly involved with the advertiser’s app or brand. The advertiser is invested in retaining this potential customer for the future.

3. It delivers useful metrics to advertisers

Once the advertiser knows the target audience, any data should provide better tracking opportunities. Advertisers look for information about the sources that are driving users to the app. Advertisers also want to find out how to correctly optimize those sources to build upon any success.

Why Does a CPE Mobile Campaign Matter?

4. It’s a way of getting user feedback

After the user has installed the app, then the advertiser’s real work begins. If the advertiser can motivate the user to take an action that’s more than a click; the advertiser realizes the long term value of that user.

5. It s a good ROI strategy

Each action a user takes after the app is installed, means the advertiser pays a fee to the network publisher. If the user does not complete the action to the advertiser’s specifications; no payment is required. Those users who do follow through can end up giving the advertiser a much higher brand loyalty and financial rewards exceeding the advertiser’s initial investment.

6. It gives advertisers more campaign control

A CPE mobile campaign allows advertisers to take a more active part in this strategy. The advertiser gets to devise the engagement that users have to undertake. Most campaigns have advertisers feeding information without fully understanding either how the campaign works or what constitutes a successful process. With the CPE methodology, the campaign delivers more transparency and some degree of active participation by the advertiser.

Source: topagency.com


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