1. Why should you use RockketsApp to boost your advertising?
– With the best advertising technology, we are here to help your apps reach the most potential new users with an affordable cost.
– By advertising on our platform, your application can reach 100% real users directly without going through any 3rd party to make your application safer and more effective.
– We protect advertising budgets and prevent fraud installations from device farm, emulator; eliminate bad or fraudulent traffics, violative installation …
– We will issue a full refund for fraudulent traffics or unsatisfied service based on our refund policy at RocketsApp
– We guarantee that all installs are from the real users and fully valid.

2. Where is our app promoted?
– Your app is promoted on our incentive apps. Contact to see the demo

3. How long user will keep the App in their device?
– User will try your app for 1 minutes or more, and keep your app on their devices for at least 1 days.

4. Can I delete or pause incomplete campaign?
– You may pause your incomplete campaign at: https://rocketsapp.com/myapps
– Find campaign and click “Pause”
Note: It takes few minutes for system to pause or delete your campaign, any installs during that time will be charged until your campaign successfully ended.

5. Can I change my settings after my campaign is created?
– You cannot edit your campaigns. You can delete the campaign and create a new one

6. How to boost my campaign?
– Increase your Bid per Conversion
– Add more Countries into Targeting
– Target All Countries (Worldwide)

7. Why is my campaign suspended?
There may be one or more of the following reasons for this:
– Conversion rate is too low which indicates some technical issue with your app or tracking.
– Your app is only compatible with limited devices and hence significant users are NOT able to install it.
– High risk of fraud has been detected

8. When will the downloads be visible on the Google Play?
– Please note that it can take up to 24 – 36 hours (or more) to be visible on Google Place

9. Will I get real and unique installs?
– 100% real and unique installs from real users/devices.
– Our fraud detection detects and eliminates 100% fraudulent activities
– We guaranty full refund for fraudulent traffics or unsatisfied service based on our refund policy.

10. Troubleshooting account activation Issues
After registering a new account on our platform, you will receive a confirmation email containing a special activation link. Click or visit the link in any web browser to verify your email address, and hence activate your account. The purpose of this verification is to confirm that you are the owner or have access to the email. It’s very important to verify email for security purpose.
NOT Getting Email?
• Kindly double check your SPAM or Junk folder.
• Kindly double check your registered email and make sure it’s correct.
• It can be possible that your inbox has some issue in receiving our emails, check with your provider.
• Reach out for support, if issue persists.

11. Can I use my own custom tracking?
– Please contact us for additional conditions for custom tracking.